Greely's Literary and Art Magazine


The following students will have work published in Inkwell 2022!

Jack Arey, Violet Armstrong, Eric Asherman, Sara Ballenger, Karinna Beacham, Olivia Boutwell, Leah Boutwell, Abigail Brown, Aiden Brown, Truman Bubblo, Rebecca Carlson, Penelope Coffin, Isabella Colavolpe, Cassidy Dean, Sofia Duina, Riley Duong, Elise Ekowicki, Maddie Emrich-Shanks, Audrey Flynn, Jesse Franklin, Caitlynn Frost, Devin Gifford, Andrea Graham, Tyler Haight, Henry Haile, Grace Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Isaac Herreid, Lauren Hester, Sofia Iglesias, Margaret Jacobson, Abigail Jacobson, Jackson Leding, Thomas Leggat-Barr, Abigail Lennox, Eva Levin, Alannah McMullan, Cora Mohr, Adriana Moon, Charlie Moore, Lucie Noonan, Vivian Oakes, Avery Olsen, Aaron Park, Gracelyn Pearce, Ana Penza-Clyve, Riley Perkins, Danica Pleau, Leyla Rabbat, Lily Rawnsley, Hazel Reynolds, Maeve Russell, Elizabeth Saylor, Dagny Seaver, Quincy Segal, Sabine Sites, Luna Smith-Mejia, Haley Stewart, Nora Strawbridge, Samara Tan, Makenna Vincent, Anabel Wawrzycki-Stein, Isobel Wright, Maddie Yates

Inkwell 2022 Unveiling!

What are we celebrating? The completion of Inkwell 2022 and its talented writers and artists

Who’s invited? Contributors to Inkwell 2022, their friends and families, teachers, and Inkwell staff

When shall we celebrate? 5:00 PM on May 12, 2022 (prior to the Evening of Excellence)

Where shall we celebrate? Room #144, in the school hallway just outside the Greely Center for the Arts lobby

Copies of the magazine will be available for all. We do not charge for copies, though if you are able to make a donation, we would appreciate it.

There will also be cake. We hope you will join us for this happy occasion!

Inkwell 2020 and 2021 are here!

Thanks to your submissions from the past two years we were able to create our first online magazines!

Check them out here: Inkwell 2020 and Inkwell 2021