Gifted and Talented Services


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Sammie Burke, GT Coordinator

Karina Decker, GT Coordinator

The overall goal of our district is to create a learning environment that is responsive to the needs of all students, including those students with high ability/giftedness, enabling optimal growth of the special skills, abilities, talents, and intellectual potential in each student. Gifted children who have demonstrated potential far beyond that of their same age peers need differentiated programs and services to reach this goal. By virtue of their more advanced development and interests, they may need opportunities beyond those typically provided in the regular classroom. It is recognized that high ability children come from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and have diverse abilities and interests.

All levels of the program share the following overarching objectives:

  • Provide for cognitive development in core curriculum areas at an appropriate pace and depth
  • Develop self understanding that encourages and fosters independent and self directed learning
  • Develop intellectual and scholarly skills and attitudes
  • Promote critical, creative and divergent thinking skills
  • Foster intellectual inquiry at all levels
  • Develop aesthetic knowledge, skills, and appreciation.

Maine’s Definition of “Gifted and Talented” Me Statute 104:

“Gifted and talented children” are defined as those children in grades K-12 who excel, or have the potential to excel, beyond their age peers, in the regular school program. These students usually represent 5% of the total district population.

Exceptional ability, aptitude, skill, or creativity in one or more of the following categories are recognized:

1. General Intellectual Ability

2. Specific Academic Aptitude: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science

3. Visual and Performing Arts, including music, theater, visual, and writing