About us

Mahomet-Seymour Agriculture Supply Store

We are your local animal store and greenhouse. The students in the agricultural business class at Mahomet-Seymour High School manage this store. This allows our students to practice business skills, sales techniques, and learn practical tools for lessons that could be helpful later in life. The students all have a specific position and work efficiently together in order to ensure a good environment and service for you, the customer.

By purchasing from us, you are investing in each students' future. All proceeds are divided up among student staff members and distributed in college scholarships to students.

The feed store is partnered with the well known Prairieland Feeds of Savoy, IL. We carry many of the same brands. Stop by today and support your local community store!

The Student Director Positions:

Madi Balbach- Director of Store Management

Ellen Bushell- Asst. Director of Design and Finance

Hannah Kroll- Asst. Director of Interior and Exterior

Store Exterior Team:

Jeremy Nierstheimer- Director of Web Site Media

Karsyn Spese- Director of Social Media

Kameron Hacker- Director of Event Relations

Jeff Coray- Director of Corporate Communication

Carlee Scott- Director of Customer Relations

Natalie Mitchell- Director of Supply

Store Finance Team:

Bridget Byrd- Director of Pricing

Holt Cassidy- Director of Finance

Lauren Minick- Director of Scholarship

Zoe Hovde- Director of Accounting

Store Interior Team:

Nicholas Gray- Director of Inventory

Wyatt Heimann- Director of Interior Marketing

Maddie Maring- Director of Customer Data and Records

C.J. McKinney- Director of Pick-up and Delivery

AJ Schlueter- Director of Maintenance

Haley Cervatas- Director of Store Set-up

Store Design Team:

Karli Waldrep- Director of Publications

Karsyn Spese- Director of Advertising

Nathaniel Mueller- Director of Brand Information

Cody Carper- Director of Exterior Marketing

Kyle Smith- Marketing Distribution