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Professional development opportunities linked to district and building goals and initatives.

When signing up for PD that is off-site, a Request to Attend Professional Meetings form must be submitted to your building principal.

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This is a recording of the live session on 4/28/22 for Initiation 5th-12th grade.


This is a recording of the live session on 4/21/22 for Memorization 5th-12th grade.


This is a recording of the live session 4/7/22 for emotional control Pre-K-4th grade. It is just the audio.


This is a recording of the live session 3/2/22


This is a recording of the live session 2/16/22

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This is a recording of the live session 12/2/21

Presentation Slides

This is a recording of the live session 12/1/21

Presentation Slides


This is a recording of the PD given 10/7/2021

This is a recording of the PD given 8/14/2020

This is a recording of the PD given 9/14/2020

This is a recording of the PD given 8/9/21

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January 26, 2022 or

July 20, 2022- Register

Productive Struggle: Strategies and Tasks for Promoting Perseverance in your Mathematics Classroom

In this 90-minute session, participants will explore the meaning of productive struggle and how it encourages risk-taking in the classroom. We will learn the importance of valuing perseverance, how mental stamina can be built through problem solving and how identifying multiple entry points to a task increases engagement and helps identify and maximize potential. In this session, we will investigate strategies and tasks that provide students with the appropriate level of challenge from a mathematics lens.


$129 per person

Every Day - Calendar

IEA Professional Development Calendar

The IEA sponsors several PD opportunities every day on a variety of subjects and at multiple levels. Some are online while others require some travel. Most are after school.


UIUC Webinars -

Preparing Students for a Diverse World: LAS’ Role in Increasing Cultural Competence:

The Human Factor: Providing Cultural, Linguistic and Historical Context to Modern Debates:

Student Experiential Learning Through Service & Public Engagement:

The full line up is here (there might be others of interest to you professionally or personally):

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3:30-4:00 pm - Various Technology Topics

These workshops are on a variety of topics and presented by a myriad of experts. Available in real time and on demand.

LOCATION: Online (Learning Technology Center of Illinois)

Choose from several PD topics

Choose from several PD topics

Webinars available at any time!

Hour-Long Webinars

This is free training on art integration and STEAM in the classroom. You'll earn a PD certificate and all materials are included.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

ASCD offers archived webinars for free to members and non-members. All hand-outs and resources are included. Registration is required, but all webinars are FREE! Various topics and speakers are represented. Find one that fits your goals and needs now!

This course was created by the Military Families Learning Network's Early Intervention Team to explore childhood trauma, disability, and trauma-informed practices in early childhood settings (birth to five). This self-paced, interactive module includes four units which cover the prevalence and impact of trauma, manifestation of trauma in young children, providing trauma-informed supports, and preventing future trauma. It is designed to be a high-level overview of the topic and a starting point for professionals working with young children and their families.

There is an optional research component to the module consisting of one survey before the module and one survey after completing the module. Participants in the research portion will be eligible to receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Edweb offers webinars for free in real time and archived. The calendar feature lists up coming webinars throughout the month (usually held between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.) and the archives list any previously held webinars.Various topics and speakers represented. Learn about topics that interest you on your time!

IL Virtual School offers many different virtual courses on a myriad of topics for various price tags. The prices and credit hours are listed next to the course descriptions. You can also view a demo course before buying to ensure it's the choice for you! ***If you are planning to apply for reimbursement, you'll need to have these approved.

Videos on implementing different aspects of Lucy Calkins' Units of Study.

Other Lucy Calkins PD

Simple K-12 offers some free events. Most are an hour or under and held during the school day at various times. Registration is limited for most events, so claim your spot(s) early!