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Professional development opportunities linked to district and building goals and initatives.

When signing up for PD that is off-site a Request to Attend Professional Meetings form must be submitted to your building principal.

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3:30-4:00 - Various Technology Topics

Monthly Webinar Series is a collection of free webinars featuring a variety of technology topics. Each month, learn from state and national experts on innovative classroom practices, educational apps/tools, networking and infrastructure, data security, accessibility, and more. Connect and share in real-time with educators from around the state or visit our library of archived webinars to get your professional development on demand.

September 4 - Engaging Students with Minecraft

September 18 - Admin Console for G Suite

September 25 - Overview of IL Classrooms in Action

October 2 - Let’s All Mystery Skye

November 6 - Getting Started with Augmented and Virtual Reality

November 20 - K12 Cybersecurity

December 4 - Coding in the Classroom

LOCATION: Online, Learning Technology Centers of Illinois

September 26 - Register Now

9:00-3:00 - Differentiation: Highway to Success

Every student in your classroom needs you in some unique ways and some common ways. A key goal of our workshop is to help you plan for and address this reality. Join us to explore the principles and practices of differentiation. Discover the impact the learning environment in your classroom has on the success of differentiation. Learn more about instructional strategies to use when you have groups that differ in readiness, interests and/or learning profiles. Help your students become 'drivers' of their own learning!


October 4 - Register Now

3:30-4:30 - What is Seesaw? Presented by Collette Oprondek

Seesaw is a Student Driven digital portfolio. Students can “show what they know” using videos, photos, drawings, test, and much more.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use Seesaw to eliminate ALL the papers, further connect with students and families, then join me on Oct. 4th for an introduction. If you are already a user of Seesaw and want to know how to use activities, then come Oct. 4th too!

LOCATION: Middletown Prairie; Collette Oprondek's Room

Open to all PK-8th grade teachers

October 18 - Register Now

9:00-3:00 - Mediation to Restore Respect

Unresolved conflicts in schools build barriers to learning, including low motivation, lack of focus, and disruptive behaviors that remove students from the classroom. With the passage of SB 100, Illinois school districts are seeking restorative interventions that build positive school relationships and model social skills. Data show mediation as highly effective in repairing relationships and boosting understanding across racial lines. The goal of mediation is to restore the respect so teachers can teach and students can learn.

This workshop will share evidence-based restorative mediation techniques for use with teachers and students in Grades K-12. The workshop will show the process of starting a teacher-student mediation program, conducting successful mediations, and collecting and monitoring data to measure the effectiveness of the interventions. The workshop will also show how to use the technique to mediate conflicts between students to stop aggressive and bullying behaviors.


October 19-20 - Register Now

2018 ICTM Annual Conference in Tinley Park. Scholoarships available through ICTM.

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November 14-16 - More Information

2018 Illinois Educator & Technology Conference

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December 10 - Register Now

9:00-3:00 - ShaPE Up Your Curriculum

Physical Education Teachers: Examine standards, grade level outcomes, unit planning and assessments. Participants will work on Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU).


June 3-6 - Register Now

8:00-4:00 - Responsive Classroom - Level 1 Training

Level 1 training is a four day training for teachers grades K-8. Teachers must attend the training all four days. After October 30th, any remaining seats will be made available to teachers outside the district.

The district will cover the $725 registration fee. No stipends will be paid for attending.

LOCATION: Middletown Prairie Elementary