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PAC website

Did you know?. . .

If you are a parent or guardian of a student attending Burnaby Central Secondary you are entitled to belong to our school’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

The Burnaby Central PAC meets each month on the first Monday of the month unless otherwise noted (i.e. stat holiday).

PAC meetings are open to all parents and guardians of Burnaby Central students. 

Meetings are held on TEAMS, begin at 7:00pm and are kept to a maximum of one hour.  If meetings were to be in person, a notification of this would be sent out.

Each school year the PAC receives funding requests from the various departments and extra-curricular clubs.  

When you become involved in the PAC, you are given an opportunity to have a voice and choose how the PAC funds are distributed. 

Students benefit when their parents are involved and engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't PAC meetings boring?  

Will I be asked to volunteer?

Will I have to help with fundraising??

In a word, No. 


Our PAC meetings feature a speaker, a presentation by the school Administration, and a Q&A period.  You may see a demonstration by the Drama Club or hear the Choir sing. 

 All Secondary school PACs receive their funding from the Gaming Grant ($20 per enrolled student) and a small grant from the Burnaby School District. Any fundraising is purely committee based. The Burnaby Central PAC supports these committees based on their annual funding requests. Some 

other groups the PAC supports are: 

And much, much more!