Burnaby Central’s Outreach Model:

A New Way of Providing Learning Support

At Burnaby Central students are no longer enrolled in support blocks. Learning support is open to all students during all blocks and it is up to the classroom teacher’s judgement and discretion to refer students on a needs basis. This may be, but is not limited to, support for completion of an in class assignment, review of key concepts, alternate workspace, small group instruction, use of a computer, review for a test, an alternate test writing environment, etc…

No prior arrangements are necessary for referrals to the Outreach Room. Feel free to send a note or phone the Outreach Room if specific directions are required or if you want to ensure that students arrive in a timely fashion.

The Outreach room is staffed in the morning starting at 8:00am, at lunch and after school 4 days a week until 4:00pm. Please feel free to utilize this readily available resource.

Stop by the Outreach Room (A304) at anytime if you have questions about the program.