Just a reminder to turn your completed summer reading log into Mrs. Burke at Mashpee Public Library. I will be collecting the logs around September 15 so you still have time. The completed reading logs will work as your ticket to the special Bingo event that will be happening at KCC during the school day! Also, please send me pictures! I would like to showcase all of our KCC kids reading! You can email me the photo: msmith@mpspk12.org

Get ready for Summer Reading! We kicked it off with a rally, perfect for the last day of school! Your child found out all you need to know about this year’s A Universe of Stories Summer Reading Program at the Mashpee Public Library. There was music, dancing, and even student ambassadors!

How does a bingo party sound? Be sure to check your child’s report card to find out more! It will also include the summer reading flyer from the Mashpee Public Library, as well as information about other reading incentive programs going on locally. You can record the same books on each reading log for all of the programs!

We don’t want to wait until the Fall to see who’s been reading! Send us pics! ALL reading counts-listening to an adult or older sibling read a story, reading to a younger brother or sister (or pet or stuffed animal!), or even reading or listening to a story on a device. Email those pictures to msmith@mpspk12.org. We can’t wait to see our KCC kids reading! We hope your summer is out of this world!

Please don't throw away the green bag!!

The green bag is for students to keep their book(s) in until the next Library day. It is a bright color to help you locate it, and it keeps the book protected from spills. Students should keep their book in the green bag when they are done reading it. Many students prefer to keep the green bag right in their backpack, so they always have it on Library day!