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Teacher: Ms. Katie Wanek

E-mail: kmwanek@mpsomaha.org

Millard South High School

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In the side navigation bar, you can find the pages for each of the math classes that I teach: Algebra I, Alg I/Geo Foundations 2, and College Algebra. In the unit pages, you will find the completed notes and homework assignments for each lesson.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you have any difficulties opening the links!

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be utilized for links to digital assignments such as warm-ups, reviews, reflections, etc. It is mandatory that students are enrolled in the Google Classroom for their section. The codes for each of the sections are:

  • Algebra I Fall 2017 A1: cuebkx
  • Algebra I Fall 2017 B1: ordct56

  • Alg I/Geo Foundations 2 Fall 2017 A3: btamm10
  • Alg I/Geo Foundations 2 Fall 2017 A4: is9it12

  • College Algebra Fall 2017 B3: 57a7bs
  • College Algebra Fall 2017 B4: gbo73s

  • PRIDE Time: kea2asd