Upchurch Elementary

4th Grade

Mrs. Gunter Ms. Machuca Mrs. Raber Mrs. Wilson

Upcoming Events -

  • March 14th: Character Counts Assembly
  • March 14th: PTA Popeye's Family Night
  • March 15th: Vintage Financial College Savings 6:00
  • March 19th-23rd: SPRING BREAK!
  • March 27th: PTA McDonald's Night
  • March 29th: PTA Dance 6:30
  • April 5th & 6th: NSCAS Testing
  • April 17th & 18th: NSCAS Testing
  • April 19th: Platte River State Park Field Trip

Reading -

We will be starting Unit 5 Adventures by Land, Air, and Water. This week's story is called Sailing Home. The comprehension skill is author's purpose.

Grammar -

Grammar skill is adjectives and articles.

Spelling -

This week's spelling skill is multisyllabic words.

Writing -

We will be working on poetry.

Math -

Unit 7: Fractions and Decimals

  • Lesson 15: Compare and Order Decimals to Thousandths
  • Lesson 16: Number Lines and Rounding
  • Review for Unit 7 test
  • Test over Unit 7

Unit 8 : Geometry

  • Lesson 1: Points, Rays, and angles

Social Studies -

  • Students will be learning and discussing the South West.

Science -

Next week's content:

  • In science, students will investigate technology.