HAL Facilitator - Katie Lethcoe


Cody Elementary


District High Ability

Learner Information

  • Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will be competing in a Virtual MAVS bowl. More information will be coming soon!

  • Last year, Cody placed 2nd out of the 4 schools!

Cody Elementary participated in the 14th Annual MARRS Magnet Math Contest. There was a written test and a quiz bowl round. This year there were 32 teams competing from various school districts including Millard, Elkhorn, Papillion, OPS, and Gretna schools! Our 4th graders tied for 7th, 8th, and 9th place in the written portion of the competition. Way to go Buffaloes!

Word Masters

Students will be participating in Word Master's this school year. This is a chance for students to learn new vocabulary words while they think analytically and metaphorically. The Word Master's Challenge will challenge students to complete analogies based on relationships among words they have learned. There will be 3 Challenges throughout the school year. The first Word Master's Challenge will be the week of November 11th!


We will continue to work on various activities throughout the year in order to challenge your child's thinking. These activities are intended to teach skills of what to do when things get difficult.

Word Masters 3.pdf

Word Masters Challenge Number 3

Here is the word list for the 3rd Word Masters Challenge. Please study these words at home and look up synonyms and antonyms of each word. It is also helpful to know the part of speech as they will need to apply these words using analogies.

National Geography Bee

HAL students participated in the National Geography Bee. This was an opportunity for them to learn more about World Geography. It is a nationwide contest for fourth through eighth graders in the United States. They had weekly assignments to learn more about World Geography and then we had practice sessions at school to prepare them for the Cody Competition. There were three levels of competition: School, State, and National. The winning student at Cody took a written, multiple choice "Qualifying Test," in order to compete for advancement to the State level. The first place winner at the State level will proceed to the National level. Our winner at Cody Elementary was Moyo Ogun! Congratulations Moyo!

CONGRATS MOYO!! We are proud of you!