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Welcome to Orchestra 2021-2022

2021-2022 Information to begin the school year in orchestra

· Students should NOT bring instruments to school during week 1 (Aug.11-13, 2021). Rented school instruments will be handed out that week as long as all paperwork has been signed/paid via email before that day.

· Students will need to bring their computers and headphones/earbuds to class EVERY DAY (all sheet music will be electronic PDFs). All course work will be assigned, completed, and turned in through Google classroom and

· Students will need to bring their instruments to class starting August 16, 2021, and every class day after that.

· Students will be able to keep instruments in orchestra lockers during the school day.

· See CONCERTS tab: All event/concert/rehearsal dates and a ton of other important info are listed on the MSHS Orchestra webpage (please bookmark this website and mark your calendars):

· See DR. ROM tab: Email me with any questions!

· I look forward to making music together with you soon!