From the KMS Counselors

Counseling Program Rationale and Philosophy

Millard Public Schools has a long standing tradition of excellence, and Kiewit Middle School is well-known throughout the community as a high-achieving school. The educational and social needs of adolescents were the primary considerations when the building was built for sixth, seventh and eighth graders in 1988. The philosophy and goals of an exemplary middle school program were the foundation for its development with the emphasis of maintaining a safe learning environment that was “a great place for kids.”  Kiewit’s reputation of educational excellence is a result of quality teachers, a strong academic program, and a supportive community. 

Kiewit Middle School prides itself on high achieving students that become positive and productive members of society. Students are encouraged to reach high academic standards, while actively becoming well rounded individuals. Kiewit's school counseling department sustains for students to achieve academically while supporting social and emotional aspects of students' lives. Kiewit's school counseling department focuses all actions around doing what is best for the student, and advocating for students.

Mission Statement

Kiewit Middle School's mission statement is "Kiewit Middle School, a collaborative community of families and educators, engages and challenges the whole child in a differentiated and positive learning environment through rigorous instructional practices. We guarantee the growth of each student by developing character, knowledge, and skill necessary for individual excellence and responsible citizenship in our global society" (Millard Board of Education, 2020).

Kiewit's school counseling department supports this mission statement by providing services that encourage academic, social, and emotional success to the whole child.

6th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Emily Rakowsky

Please click HERE to email... or call (402) 715-1475 

7th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Tristen Hook

Please click HERE to email... or call (402) 715-1465 

8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Maggie Getzfrid

Please click HERE to email... or call (402) 715-1476 

School Social Worker

Mrs. Mandy Farwell

As a school social worker, my goal is to help support the overall academic mission and reduce barriers to learning. I help to support families and connect them to resources that strengthen partnerships between home, school and the community.

Phone: 402-715-1487

Email: mlfarwell@mpsomaha.org