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Remote Learning Activities

Welcome to the P.E. Website!

I will be adding new activities regularly so that we can continue to have P.E.

Students should complete a minimum of 1 P.E. activity 2 - 3 times each week.

Our goal for remote learning in PE class is to allow the students to be physically active at home while limiting screen time. One aspect of the e-learning program is we will be exercising student choice when it comes to the activities they will be completing.

The students and parents will decide which activity they will be completing for the day based on preference and access to equipment. Most of the activities are designed to use equipment that is already easily accessible to the students and families. I encourage you and your family or friends to complete the PE activities together whenever possible.

Students are expected to participate in the activities 2-3 times per week for at least 20 minutes. Through these activities they will be meeting all of their learning objectives and continuing to live an active lifestyle. Click on the links below to view the activities.

Click on the link "Home P.E. Adventures" below to get started.

Mrs. Doyle


This Calendar can be printed or, if you don't have

a printer, you can look at everyday in April for a daily activity.

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