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***Things to Note***

P.E. SCHEDULE week of 12/4: 

Amend: Tues, Thurs

Sobota: Mon, Tues, Fri

Vandenberg: Mon, Thurs, Fri

Library Days

Vandenberg: Mondays

Sobota: Thursdays

Amend: Fridays

Important Upcoming Dates

Dec 4th, 6th, 7th: MAP testing 9:50-10:30

Dec 12th, 13th, 14th: MAP testing 9:50-10:30

Winter Break: December 21st-January 3rd

Week of 11/20

Spelling week of 12/4

r-controlled vowels: air, ear, ere, are, eer

pair, dear, shared, gear, stairs, here, there, stared, where, peer 


*cause and effect

*main idea and key details


*genre: expository text

*syllable types:  r-controlled 


*poetry unit


*Complete and Incomplete Sentences 


-Multidigit addition

-Multidigit subtraction

-Word problems and when to add/subtract

-We continue practicing multiplying and dividing with with all numbers 0-10

IXL for practice at home: 93U, WR8, K88, J9S and XSH

Social Studies 

Unit 2 History

How do history and culture 

shape communities?


Lesson 5 - Settling in the United States

Big Idea: People immigrate to become part of a new country for many reasons.