Important Dates & Announcements

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The YEarbooks are in. Students who have purchased a book are encouraged to pick up on any of the following days:

DATES: Monday (6/17), Tuesday (6/18) & Wednesday (6/19)

TIME: 1:00PM-3:00PM

WHERE: Main Building Basement Level (near Room 9)

(***There may be some additional books available for sale for those who have not purchased. The current offer is $115.00)

Thank you and please direct any questions regarding yearbooks to

Mr. G.

Please check back regularly for updates on all yearbook-related dates, deadlines and announcements!

There's nothing else like your school yearbook. Get your hands on the limited edition collection of our stories from the year. Share it with your friends today and hang on to it for years to come!

Choose a favorite photo or photos of your student to go along with your written tribute. From single images to a photo collage Jostens has design and layout options to best represent your graduate. View our current ad flyer for pricing and options.

It's easy to upload your candid photos directly to the Yearbook Staff using the Jostens ReplayIt Private Photo submission site! Just click the link below and if prompted, enter the UserID:

We're counting on you to make our yearbook exceptional!

The Amphitheatre welcomes student and staff input...specifically, your photos! We are always looking for the following:

Candid Photos (All Grades & Faculty) • Sports Photos • Club Photos • Spirit Week Photos • First Day of School Photos (Seniors) 

Interested? Click the link below and if prompted, enter User ID: 06KuSYqWDhMuIbWUwb64DeQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are several photographers in town that collaborate with MHS in providing senior portraits who are familiar with the yearbook portrait requirements, however it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU HAVE A PORTRAIT TAKEN WITH LEGACY, to ensure that we have a portrait for you on file, even if you plan on using an outside photographer.

If you prefer to use a photographer who is not familiar with the MHS Yearbook portrait requirements, please have them email the yearbook advisor directly at If you or your photographer have questions about the requirements for senior portraits, please refer to the  following question.

Legacy has provided the following  information regarding senior portrait requirements:

If you are submitting baby photos, candid photos or senior portraits taken by outside photographers who are not regular collaborators with MHS Yearbook, the best way to ensure that the Yearbook staff receives your images is to upload them directly through the Jostens ReplayIt Image Portal. Simply click the link and enter the UserID: 06KuSYqWDhMuIbWUwb64DeQ  to access the portal. *(Please note that submitting photos other than senior portraits, does not guarantee that they will be used in the yearbook). *Photos taken by Legacy and local photographers familiar with our process, are submitted directly to the yearbook on your behalf.

We have different submission deadlines for photos based on our yearbook deadlines. The following dates are for reference only and may be subject to change. For the 2023-23 school year the deadlines are as follows:

All student portraits taken by Legacy and most of our local vendors are submitted directly to the yearbook advisor. Please DO NOT send an email requesting confirmation.

If you are using a private photographer, ask if they will deliver photos to the yearbook or provide you with photos to submit. If you need to submit a senior photo that was taken by a private photographer yourself, you must use this form.

The User ID for all MHS users is:  06KuSYqWDhMuIbWUwb64DeQ (Copying and pasting recommended!)

Like the yearbook itself, there are several deadlines for purchasing yearbook ads throughout the year, and a corresponding price increase with each successive deadline. The current ad deadline and pricing for the 2023-24 school year is as follows:

Pricing for Orders placed before December 3rd:

Yes! Senior quotes should not exceed 144 characters. We can reduce the font size to accommodate quotes that are slightly longer, but legibility  and the unity of our design suffer when we reduce font sizes on our pages.

You can submit all of your graduation information by using the "Graduation Prep Form" link once it becomes active in the section below. This usually occurs sometime in the spring.

Links to Student Surveys & Forms
*NOTE: The following forms will be accepting responses at appropriate times throughout the year. Not all of the links are active all of the time.

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If you still have questions or would like to make any suggestions, please let us know!

Email our Yearbook Advisor at