Mrs. Woods Schedule 2020-21

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! I am so excited to be teaching at Washburn High School. I am starting my 11th year of teaching at Washburn.

My schedule for this year:

Hour 1: Government/Economics co-taught with Mr. McKenzie

Hour 2: Government/Economics co-taught with Mr. McKenzie

Hour 3: Geometry co-taught with Mrs. Jones

Hour 4: Academic Language Development 9

Hour 5: Academic Language Development 9

Hour 6: PREP

I am available by email at any time. (My email is I will reply to your email within one hour between 8-4 every school day. Before 8 or after 4, it may take me longer to reply, but. I will reply within 24 hours.

My expectations for my students during the distance learning:

  1. Be at the class interactive times for your class. I will have interactive activities during the interactive times of class. You should be there virtually to talk to and learn with your classmates and your teacher. That is where and when I will take attendance for our class, so be there to be counted as present in class.

  2. Google Classroom will be updated for every class period. All assignments will be graded through Google Classroom. The grades will be posted in Gradebook, so you can check the grades in the student portal or the parent portal.

  3. Email me with any questions or concerns as soon as possible. I am here to help you!