Washburn ASL

Ms. Olivia Martinetti


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P. 3


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P. 1

In ASL 1, we will learn the basics of ASL.

In ASL 2, we will focus on storytelling and classifiers.

In ASL 3 and 4, we will focus on conversational ASL and using space with signer's perspective to convey visual information.

Hello! I am Olivia Martinetti and have been teaching at Washburn for four years. I have been an educator for six. Feel free to email me at any time for questions, concerns, or suggestions. Excited to see what the 22-23 school year brings us!

Deaf events are required for ASL levels 2 and 3 and are extra credit for all levels after completing their required events. Events are posted in the classroom and Google Classroom.

Students and guardians: please be sure to check portal regularly. That is always the best place to find your current grade. Google Classroom is updated at least weekly but will not include assignments we do in person.

Cheating in class earns a zero! If you feel you could do better on an assignment or test, you are welcome to do retakes.

We will be planning a trip to Gallaudet University in Washington DC this spring. Please keep an eye out for information if you are interested in attending the "Deaf Mecca" with us!

To see the syllabus for all levels, click here.