Health office

Phone Numbers:

612.668.4954: Greta Regan, Health Services Assistant

612.668.4953: Andrea Dishong, School Nurse

612.668.4956: Attendance Line

The main objective of the health office is to keep students safe while in school and at school-related activities. Moreover, during the pandemic, we are here for support, to offer resources, and to serve as a contact if you are concerned that you or your student has signs or symptoms of illness. Please visit the Seward Virtual Health Office (enter code: dishong3711 and use your Google MPS account when prompted) for additional resources and/or to have an interactive experience.

Covid-19 Web Resources:

Returning to School Preparation:

Use the following link if you do not have access to the embedded form below or if you require different forms than this commonly used form listed below: Commonly Used Health Forms

Most Common Form = Authorization for Administration of Medication at School (below)

Authorization for Administration of Meds With Policy.pdf
MDH Planning Guide.pdf