School Based Clinic

Medical care for North high students


Office Visits: Monday thru Friday, 8:30-12:00

Contact us: Students or parents can call 612-387-5055 to request an appointment


We are providing medical services including physicals, immunizations, and treatment of minor illness and injury. The clinic is set up for labs, medications and referrals as needed. We also provide health education around healthy eating and exercise, growing up and sexual health services.

We also offer counseling services for depression, anxiety, trauma, school family or relationship issues.

If you are under 18 we need a parent or guardian to sign the NorthPoint consent for medical and counseling services

We also offer confidential services for pregnancy and sti testing and treatment. As well as family planning prescriptions (birth control and emergency contraception). In Minnesota, confidential services can be provided with the parent’s consent. You do not need a parent consent for confidential services.