The Future Boys & Girls


The Future Boys and Girls

We believe in excellence and having high expectations for every student and project we do. The Future boys and Girls program is a student focused academic and leadership club.

The mission is much more than the songs and videos that have gone viral and created visibility for our students at Franklin Middle School. Each project The Future Boys and Girls participate in gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn different academic content areas, and invest in personal development through social and emotional learning. We dream big and back it up with actions that produce results along with developing student responsibility. Students are constantly learning without even realizing how much they are learning. For the past four out of the five years every one of the students in FBFG has made it to the A and B Honor roll and that is the expectation. Also, one of the FBFG students went on to high school only to have the highest GPA in the school freshman year. The projects are brainstormed and developed by students along with guided leadership from strong teachers and mentors. The team of teachers and mentors go above and beyond to ensure students get the best education, opportunities, and resources. If you would like to know more about The Future Boys and Girls program feel free to contact us at: or 612.668.2600

The Future Boys and Girls Program is a team effort and would not be possible without the support of:

Principal: Karon Cunningham

Family Liason: Andre Hudson "MR. DRE"

Teachers: Brandon Tuttle, Charles Luter

Secretary: Leslie Boyd

Operations Support: Josh Cunningham

Mentors: Larry Waddell, Tara Starks, Edgar Young

Clark Gassen/The BeliEve Foundation

I.T. Support: Eric English

In A Perfect World

Official Partner: “Officer Mike” and the MPD Bike Cops for Kids Youth Engagement Project

Franklin School Song

I'm So Motivated