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We will be working on Reading and Writing while exploring Social Success and Independent Living Skills.

Isaac's DreamBy: Miss Kate's AdvisoryAyub, Zaria, Taris, Feben, Mamadou, and Imraan

Isaac's Dream

Isaac loved video games. He had always wished he could actually be a part of a game. It finally happened. One day he was sucked into a game. He was playing Mine Craft and became square. He was going to score. What was really interesting was how he got sucked into the game.

It was a rainy day when Isaac rushed home from school to play his new Mine Craft game. He was very excited but the lightning from the storm was scary. He turned on his computer, and he was sucked in. The electricity flew into him, and he flew right into the computer screen. Isaac was feeling scared. Then he found a sword in the castle and felt braver. He could now fight monsters.

On the other side of the computer, Isaac's little brother, Ayub, found the remote control for the game. Ayub decided this was the best time to get back at his brother for being mean to him. Ayub turned off the computer and Isaac suddenly felt like he was going to die.

Isaac opened his eyes and realized that he was in his bedroom. He got up and went to talk to his parentas. He told them about his dream. His parents said that it was only his imagination. The next time he dreams, maybe he will go back into his game.

Isaac learned two things that day. Be nicer to his younger brother and don't play on the computer during a storm with lightning.

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