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Name: Mike Minnema

Email: MichaelE.Minnema@mpls.k12.mn.us

Office Hours: by appointment at

GoogleMeets: edisonminnema1

Welcome to my Google Site, my name is Mike Minnema and this will be my 14th year at Edison High School. This year I will be teaching the elective PE classes. Those classes range from Team Sports to Weight Training to Sports Specific Activities that include Soccer and Basketball. I also co-teach a class called Unified PE where we blend students with special needs and general education students together in one class specifically teaching Collaboration and Communication using PE as the tool.

Here is a link to my weekly schedule with links that you can copy and paste for each of the hours.

Minnema's weekly schedule


Team Sports

Weight Training

Sports Specific Activities

Unified PE

Here's an overall picture point presentation of the Health and Physical Education Department.

Health and PE Department Powerpoint

Here's a powerpoint presentation of how our department teaches students about Social and Emotional Learning.

Social and Emotional Learning in PE/Health

Journaling and Reflection Questions Copy

Mission Impossible

Team Building Activities: Your mission, should you choose to except it; To get from one side of the gym to the other without talking or touching the floor.

Students use various equipment, including hockey sticks, hoola hoops, jump ropes, scooters and poly dots to navigate the gym. All the equipment on the floor is anyone's to use.

Creativity is encouraged.

Three big blue mats are placed on the gym floor for students to use as checkpoints if they wish.

Multiple methods of transporting have been used and tried throughout the years.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Unified PE: During Unified PE, we have two field trips throughout the year. One is a bowling trip and the other is a track and field day.

Students with special needs are provided opportunities to bowl with modifications.

Hamza is able to get out of his wheelchair and use a cane to bowl his turn.

Abdullahi always loved bowling trips.

Unified PE: Bike Unit

Modifications are and can be made for students that either never learned how to ride a bike or feel more comfortable.

AVID Strategies

Through PE, students learn AVID strategies like constructing Cornell Notes and asking higher leveled questions using Bloom's Higher Level of Thinking.

Bloom's Levels of Questioning