310 Families,

Welcome back!

I have posted my annual Welcome to E2 letter on our Updates page, along with our school supplies list.

Hello Seward scholars!

In our learning environment you will become archeologists as we study ancient cultures, topographies, and how people have met their needs across the ages; you will also don the hat of U.S. historian, see what the world looks like from multiple viewpoints, become cartographers, and use inquiry to build your knowledge base.  Through your journeys of discovery, you will weave together your literacy skills to advance as readers, and expand your concepts of calculation and geometry to become mathematicians comfortable manipulating and exploring numbers and shapes.  

We anchor our scholarly pursuits with lots of lessons on grace and courtesy, how to take care of our learning environment, and how to work together in collaboration with each other, as well as how to allow each other the thrill of working independently. I am so looking forward to partnering with each one of you and watching our sense of community develop and deepen.

 "Chase your dreams, believe, and you can accomplish it!" Inspirational words from a 4th year student. This was created for an artist-in-residency project with photographer Wing Huie in 2019.

Kelley, E2 Guide for room 310

About me:

I am an E2 guide in my 14th year teaching at Seward. I am a fully credentialed and licensed Montessori guide through the American Montessori Society, and I am passionate about the Montessori pedagogy.

“[Montessori ... is] the surest route to joining the creative elite, which are so overrepresented by the schools’ alumni that one might begin to suspect a Montessori mafia.” 

I love this quote from a 2011Wall Street Journal article on Montessori education, where the author marvels at the out-sized representation of successful, creative thinkers who came from a Montessori schools. 

Want to learn more?   Click on the picture to read a 2018 article published in Education Weekly.

Here is a small array of famous Montessori school graduates--although an E2 favorite is not pictured here--Taylor Swift!

Our 310 learning environment