Mr. Murphy, Room 105

Fifth Grade English Language Arts & Social Studies

Weekly Email

Week of 9/16/19

Dear Families from 105,


Spelling - Students performed well on their first spelling list. Please note we do the sheet activities in class. I share the attached document if you want to work with your child at home. New list attached. Test Friday 9/20.

Literacy - In Benchmark we are reading about and discussing laws that were unjust, and how they change over time. We are starting a writing assignment from the perspective of a delegate at the first Constitutional Convention.


Bike Unit - Mr. DePerry is doing the bike unit with our class Tuesday 9/17 (tomorrow), Monday 9/23, and Friday 9/27, so students can bring their bikes to school then. Thanks to the families that have returned the signed permission slip.

Conferences - Fall parent-teacher conferences are next month: Thursday 10/10, Tuesday 10/15, and Wednesday 10/16. I am using a sign up genius to schedule Fall conferences. Please follow the link below to reserve a spot. If none of these times work for you, please email me.

Lunch - This year, fifth grade teachers are supervising lunch, with new behavior expectations. Students arrive, get lunch, and sit down. They stay in their seats until 1:00, whereupon the teachers will release them to clean up, then return to their clean tables. When ready, they are then dismissed by table to recess.

If they are repeatedly up without permission from a teacher, we record their names and they will lose privileges. Please make sure your child is aware of these expectations.

Dragon Dash - I will try to avoid too many emails, but we are starting up the BoosterThon fundraiser today, culminating in the Dragon Dash on Wednesday 9/25. MUCH more info to come.


John Murphy

5th Grade ELA & SS

Room 105

Lake Harriet Upper Campus