Bienvenido!   Welcome!  Soo dhawoow!

 ښه راغلاست!  Allinlla chayaykamuy!  خوش آمدی! 

Baga nagaan dhufte!  እንኳን ደህና መጣህ!

All Are Welcome Here!

The Multilingual Department at South is committed to strengthening multilingual students' existing skills.  We aim to improve multilingual student agency, voice, and access.   We advocate for our students' inclusion in the school community, celebrate and center their cultures, and provide rich, rigorous English Language instruction. 

Our staff supports students in the following ways:

Questions?  ¿Preguntas?   Su'aalo?

پوښتنې؟       سوالات؟     ?Tapuykuna

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