Virtual Studio

Body. Soul. Expression. Art. Community. Genius.

Q3: Learning Targets, MYP, Inquiry & Overview

What Are We Doing In Class This Year?????

Many, many things . . .

  • Finding Joy and Genius!

  • Meditation & Body Awareness

  • Artistic Expression

  • Dance Technique - Tap, Jazz, Fusion, Hip-Hop, Social Dance, Commercial

  • Performance Health & Well-Being

  • Acting, Directing, & Film

  • Theatre of the Oppressed, Dance-umentaries, radio plays, Living Newspapers, environmental dance

  • AND . . . Science!!!!!!!!

Course Overview - Holistic Dance & Theatre Self and Community Awareness Through Artistic Expression
Black Label Movement performing "Hit" - a collaboration between Carl Fllink and biomedical engineer David Odde of the University of Minnesota. This is worth a rewatch!

Um, Did You Say Science?

Yes. Yes, I did. And soon, you will too!!!

Arts & Science have so much in common. Body systems, health, movement, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, the environment, issues of bias and social justice - these only some of the many topics and skills common to BOTH Science and Performing Arts. Ms. Mickman's class "Healing, Justice & Ethics In Science" pairs perfectly with the Holistic Dance & Theatre curriculum. This is going to be so fun!!!!!!

Ahhhhh, Ms. DeNoma, does this mean we won't be dancing??? Nonsense. Of course we will dance - a lot. In fact, drink some water. You'll probably need it!

Who Is This Teacher Anyway?

"Hell You Talmbout" - Joseph Webb and the Northwest Tap Connection. Choreographed by Shakiah Danielson. This is an incredibly powerful piece choreographed in the wake of the death of Alton Sterling at the hands of police in 2016.

Last Season In Dance . . .

“Dance is my medicine ... Dance is the fist with which I fight the sickening ignorance of prejudice. Instead of growing twisted like a gnarled tree inside myself, I am able to dance out my anger and frustration.” - Dr. Pearl Primus

We ended last year with an examination of the role dancers, choreographers, and other artists have played in generating social change. This work must continue.

As artists, we have an obligation. This obligation is not only to show the world as it is and was, but also how it should be. How will you use your voice? How will you fight for change?