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Welcome Back Performing Artists!

Yeah, I don't actually have a cat. In fact, I'm allergic, buuut this bitmoji made me smile so here we are. Don't tell my dogs. Or my kids.

Ah! Heeeeya, so it's almost showtime. Already!

Let's be real. The summer was fast, really fast, BUT . . . I'm super excited for this year and ecstatic to be back. We have so many fun things to do; I cannot wait to get started!

In case you forgot, we are focusing on Theatre this year. If you are a dancer, don't despair. There will be many opportunities for you to create through dance and both our musical theatre and directing units will incorporate dance. Dance Company will also return for 2022-2023, starting in Q2 so stay tuned!

A final note. This is a project based class and expectations are high. Students will be expected to collaborate and work as an ensemble to create performance work. This will entail a great deal of patience, problem solving, and critical thinking, along with an open mind, positive attitude and a willingness to take risks. Students rise to the challenge every year and I have no doubt this year will be no different!

What are we learning this year?

What is the relationship between identity and storytelling?

This year, we will be exploring the concept of storytelling using the overarching concept of identity. Our 4 themes will be:

  • Q1: Discovering the story

  • Q2: Devising the story

  • Q3: Framing the story

  • Q4: Bringing the story to life

Essential questions:

  • What's our story? Who do we want to be?

  • Can we use play and structure to become storytellers?

  • Where do stories come from?

  • How do you create character?

  • Can you use methods of deduction to create character?

  • How do stories change depending on who tells them? How does audience perception change?

  • What is the role of masks and stereotypes in storytelling?

  • How can you frame your story as a performer to nail an audition?

  • What is the benefit of becoming a triple threat?

  • How do you direct others to tell a story? How do you bring an author's words to life?

  • What should we consider when telling stories that are not our own?

Curriculum Overview

Performing Arts Curriculum 2022-23

Projects & Performance Opportunities

  • Summative Projects:

            • 1-Acts (in class)

            • Murder Mystery Productions (in class)

            • Complete Musical Theatre Audition Prep: Monologue, Cold Read, 16 Bars, Dance Combo, Callbacks, Resume & Headshot

            • Directing Projects

      • After school Theatre Club - will meet 2 days a week.

              • Fall: Shakespeare Company

              • Spring: Musical Theatre Review & Little Shop of Horrors with Henry HS

      • Taste of Anwatin December 8th

              • Performances TBD

      • Dance Company

              • Musical Theatre Review & Dance Concert

Official Syllabus

2022-23 Performing Arts Syllabus