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Mother's LAP-A mother toddler programme age- 10 months - 24 months :

A fun- packed adult accompanied programme developed for toddlers to enhance their coordination & perception skills and enrich the mother toddler relationship. We provide a safe nurturing environment where children are free to move, play & explore. Make your little one Jump, run , roll & have a great time!

Mother's LAP is a play- based curriculum focusing on the whole child while providing opportunities for social , emotional, cognitive & physical development.

Individual growth will be emphasized in addition to focus on the basic concepts of letters, numbers ,shapes and colours through creative methods.

Playgroup curriculum :

The Playgroup Curriculum has been designed with great care, Keeping in mind that this may be the first time a child is away from parents.

It aims to provide a smooth transition with customized "setting in" schedules, The teachers are specially trained to encourage children to develop a sense of comfort and confidence as they settle into school routines. Engaging activities in classroom and outdoors add value and interest to each day with a wide range of specially chosen manipulatives and other learning materials.

Nature exploration, free play, creative corner, story time, art, music and movement, water and sand play and many such activities are what their day at the Mothers' Mount School will comprise of.

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Nursery curriculum :

Nursery children possess an ever expanding set of languages and social skills as they begin to settle down to the idea of being on their own. This confidence encourages them to be zealous explorers. Our Nursery curriculum aims to fulfill their quest for knowledge and enables them to have a better understanding of the world around them. Various activities are used to introduce the concept of taking turns and sharing toys and games and to reinforce math and language learning, Art materials such as clay, crayons, markers, paints and collage materials are a creative favorite with most children in this age group, Just as skipping ropes, tricycles and swings, etc. are for developing gross motor skills.

Kindergarten curriculum :

By the time the children are in the Kindergarten, they have longer attention spans and are able to sit for longer periods of time. They also have more developed social skills, and are confident, and eager to create new ideas and expand their imagination. They begin to experience themes and activities that to broaden their horizons. For our children, learning becomes a structured systematic course emphasizing recognition of capital and small alphabets through phonic and whole word recognition through sight reading.

• Introduce the concept of cause and effect

• Encourage children to express themselves in whole sentences

• Number identification and sequencing through numerical literacy tools

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CLASSES I AND V : The academic year is divided into two semesters. A system of continues and comprehensive evaluation through assignment and observational activities is followed. Besides this, two unit tests of 30 marks for each subject are conducted in both semesters. At the end of each term, an exam of 60 marks for each subject is conducted. In order to provide a rich academic experience, assignment have been prepared. The assignment provide students with valuable insights into the subject, which in turn allows concrete understanding of the same. Apart from academics, emphasis is laid on the overall development of the students, which is realized through various activities like Taekwondo, Chess, Yoga, Music, Art and Craft, Physical Education etc. These activities develop a positive self image in students by improving their skills and attitudes.

Apart from striving for academic excellence, the school also aims to develop the latent talents in the students. Students are also taken for field trips and excursions, which gives them a lot of practical knowledge and also enhances their understanding of the world around them.


The main aim at this level is to provide in depth knowledge of the concepts. An extensive use of technology supplements classroom teaching thereby making it interactive and thus enhancing comprehension.

The main aim at this level is to prepare students according to the CBSE curriculum. Result oriented teaching is imparted by experienced teachers targeting an excellent result. Students have the option to study any one language — Sanskrit,Punjabi or Hindi in classes VI, VII, VIII.

Homework given to students is a stimulating revision exercise generally in the form of worksheets. A lot of stress is laid at this stage on spoken English with emphasis on good pronunciation and diction coupled with excellent reading and writing skills. Educational trips and excursions are organized on a regular basis to make learning fun and meaningful.

The curriculum at school aims to allow students to think intensively and critically.