Mosman Prep Snow Sports

 Snow Sports Coordinator - Lisa Maiden.


Mosman Prep Snowsports aims to promote and encourage participation in the sports of skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing within the school and to create a sense of community. At all levels of competition, we expect our representatives to compete fairly and to conduct themselves appropriately, demonstrating good sportsmanship at all times.

The school’s aim is to field our best teams at all levels of competition. The primary measure of success will be the overall performance of the school at these events.

Sydney Schools competition - Thredbo  2023

            Monday  10th July - Friday 14th July

                                      Important Information

                                                                COMPETITOR AND TEAM RULES 

2.1 A competitor can only be a member of one team and one division per discipline. 

2.2 A competitor may elect to ski or board in a higher division, except a Primary (Division 4 or 5) competitor CANNOT compete in a Secondary (Division 1, 2, 3) team. Secondary competitors can ski up any division from Division 3 to 1. Competitors are allowed to compete in different divisions over disciplines. If a competitor competes up a division in a discipline they must compete in that same division in each subsequent Championships. 

2.3 Each team (including a team of one) is to supply one adult manager. Team Managers are responsible for ensuring competitors are at the start area prior to their start and educating the team on the rules of racing and procedures on the event course. Team Managers are allowed to inspect the course with the team only and must obey Course Inspection Rules. Team Managers are advised to wear snow sports helmets during course inspection. See Discipline rules for specifics on course inspection. 

2.4 All Competitors must wear an approved Safety Standard Skiing or Snowboarding helmet in all disciplines except for Cross Country – this includes course inspection. Bike, surfing or other helmets are not acceptable. 2.5 Competitors must not use iPods, music devices, mobile phones and helmet cameras during the entire duration of their event, including start marshalling, course inspection, and whilst racing.

 2.6 Divisions are as follows: 

SECONDARY  Division 1 - Years 11/12        Division 2 - Years 9/10          Division 3 - Years 7/8 

PRIMARY  Division 4 - Years 5/6.      Division 5 - Year 4 and under       Division 6 –Year 2 and under. 

PLEASE NOTE Division 6 is only offered in Alpine and Ski Cross.

2.9 School Coordinators and/or Team managers are responsible for seeding team members (ie, race starting order within the team). The order of competitors as submitted in the online entry system shall be the order of racing. 

2.10 No changes to the names or order of competitors will be accepted after the entry closing date. Substitutions may be considered on account only on illness or injury, medical certificates may be requested. Any changes must be submitted by a School Coordinator or their delegate through the official ‘Change of Competitor Form’ by 3.00pm the day before the event. Changes are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the NSW & ACT Interschools Committee. Changes to teams will be restricted to direct team member substitutions only. Team changes can only be made with competitors who are already entered into the Championships (ie, schools cannot substitute a participant into a team that has not been entered before entries close). Original race bibs must be worn when team changes have been made, except in cases when competitors where not originally entered into a discipline. If a competitor fails to race in their correct race bib after a team change, rule 2.12 will apply.

                           What Disciplines are on Offer?    

 • Alpine - Skiers are timed on a modified giant slalom course 

• Ski Cross - Skiers are timed individually on a course including jumps and high-banked turns.

 • Moguls - Skiers are scored on a bumps/jumps course. 

• Snowboard GS (Giant Slalom) - Snowboarders are timed on a modified giant slalom course 

• Snowboard Cross - Snowboarders are timed individually on a course including jumps and highbanked turns.

 • Cross Country Freestyle - Raced with skate or classic cross country skis or style with a mass start. Teams need to field three skiers to achieve a team result. 

• Cross Country Relay – Three skier relay team event only.

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