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Morph Marine

   Shape Changing Hull Design

Morph Marine experiments with and develops variable geometry hulls that can be adjusted while underway, resulting in improved performance across a broadband of operating conditions. 

Sailboat Hullls

This adaptive hull is a continuous monocoque structure comprised of semi-rigid deformable material devoid of hinges or similar articulating mechanical joints. The desired shape change is accomplished by applying forces at specific locations on the hull. All deformation is within the elastic limits of the materials employed assuring no compromise of the long-term operational performance.

Powerboat Hulls

The geometric features of a boat hull have a major influence on propulsion, resistance, and seakeeping properties. Fixed hull geometries are optimized for a limited set of operating conditions and as a consequence do not have the desired shape and features for efficient operation and seakeeping across a large operational envelope. The ability to change hull shape while underway can provide qualities not yet available by existing designs.

Standup paddleboards with hull shapes that the rider can change while on the water to accommodate different conditions or rider ability.