Moonbow Entertainment LLC

Providing Emotional Relief Through Video Games

Mission Statement

We create video games that provide a safe platform for emotional release and self-discovery.

In doing so, we can help people relieve stress, have fun, and understand themselves for a better future.

Game Jam Releases

Our jam games are not as refined as our bigger projects since game jams are timed development challenges.  But we still aim at our goals and many players love them!

Carl's Tea Party

A visual novel about Carl, a spider who suffers from anxiety attacks. Help him have a good time with his friends as they come over for tea. 

Kobold Fishing Jam Version

A fishing game about managing populations and enjoying sustainability. 

 Our Bigger Projects

Our bigger projects aim to be full, commercial games with a larger, more traditional game length.

Kobold Fishing Deluxe

An expanded version of our jam game about sustainable fishing.  Players will manage multiple lake populations, and have to find a balance between fishing, letting populations rise, and the demands of the villagers.

Lock & Key

A VR abstract puzzler about the conceptual idea of Lock & Key, requiring the user to apply this principle in both physical and abstract lateral thinking.

 Our Team

Gawain Doell

CEO, Game Designer, Programmer, Developer

Tristan Doell

Financial Manager, Game Designer, Pixel Artist

Where to get our games

Currently, we are hosting all our games for download or play on the website.  Our company profile, where you can view and purchase our products can be found at the following page 

We hope to publish to other more "mainstream" markets soon!

About Moonbow Entertainment LLC

Moonbow Entertainment LLC was started in 2021.  Passionate about design and the emotional impact of video games on players, Gawain wanted to create a game company prioritizing positive messaging, and the emotional impact of their products, over everything else.  Moonbow has been working to improve the lives of their players ever since.