Moonbow Entertainment LLC

Providing Emotional Relief Through Video Games

Mission Statement

We create video games that provide a safe platform for emotional release and self-discovery.

In doing so, we can help people relieve stress, have fun, and understand themselves for a better future.

Small Game Releases

Our smaller games in which we still aim at our goals!  Many of these are the result of us doing game jams, where developers are tested to make a game in a very short time.  So be aware these lack the polish of full releases!  Give them a try, many players still love them!

Kobold Delivery

A game about a kobold doing their best to deliver packages quickly and efficiently.

Kobold Alchemy

The Kobold Alchemist stars in an endless match popping adventure.

Kobold Slide

A little kobold goes on a short sliding adventure.

Carl's Tea Party

A visual novel about Carl, a spider who suffers from anxiety attacks. Help him have a good time with his friends as they come over for tea. 

Kobold Fishing Jam Version

A fishing game about managing populations and enjoying sustainability. 

 Our Bigger Projects

Our bigger projects aim to be full, commercial games with a larger, more traditional game length.

A Space To Breathe

An interactive world to explore, wind down at the end of a day, and express yourself within.

Explore an imaginative black and white world full of new spaces to discover. Express yourself by drawing color back into the world however you like. Listen to the soundscapes of each location, find your favorite places, and relax. This world is truly your own.

With no storyline or the traditional goals of other video games, this game instead becomes your own explorative journey. Let it become a personal mind palace within your memory. It is a space for you. Color it, explore it, and rediscover your inner self.

Or just graffiti all over it with funny shapes and silly scribbles. You do you.

Everyone needs some space. Space to think. Space to express ourselves. Space to decompress.

We each need A Space to Breathe.

Kobold RPG

A turn based, retro 2d graphics style computer role playing game about a brave Kobold Knight who must stop a mysterious force known as The Forgotten from destroying the world!

Explore an open world map full of adventure, danger, and many recruitable characters.  Make use of the different racial traits and skill training systems to build your own custom adventuring party.  Help the Dragon restore his realm by discovering, and remembering, the history of what once was.  Build your party up from fresh new adventurers into unstoppable heroes.

Or open up the editor tools, and create your own additional areas, quests, and other content, using the same tools we used to develop the main game!  A modular add on system allows for mixing in other player's modules, allowing you to create your personalized copy of the game combining whatever you like.

Disclaimer: This description is not final and is only based on our current work in progress design.  The final published game features may vary in execution, story, or functionality.  We hope to fit in all the above, and will do our best, as always!

 Our Team

Gawain Doell

CEO, Game Designer, Programmer, Developer

Tristan Doell

Financial Manager, Game Designer, Pixel Artist, Sound Designer

Where to get our games

Currently, we are hosting all our games for download or play on the website.  Our company profile, where you can view and purchase our products can be found at the following page 

We hope to publish to other more "mainstream" markets soon!

About Moonbow Entertainment LLC

Moonbow Entertainment LLC was started in 2021.  Passionate about design and the emotional impact of video games on players, Gawain wanted to create a game company prioritizing positive messaging, and the emotional impact of their products, over everything else.  Moonbow has been working to improve the lives of their players ever since.