Moonbow Entertainment

Providing Emotional Relief Through Video Games

Mission Statement

We create video games that provide a safe platform for emotional release and self-discovery.

By creating video games that provide emotional release, promote self-discovery, and allow self-expression, we can help people relieve stress, and understand themselves for a better future.

Our Projects


A VR experience about seeking objects, self expression, and discovery.

Screenshot of a virtual room with objects scattered about, and a panel with what objects to find.

This is a mockup screenshot, final game graphics and interface is still a work in progress!

Alpha Version Features

  • Explore a single house with randomly hidden objects inside!

  • Seek out the stray objects hidden within. Use a bracelet interface to track what items you still need to find.

  • No time limits, mistakes, or speed run scores. Just relax and enjoy at your own pace, regardless of skill level.

  • Use a magical dowsing rod to find those more evasive items. No penalties for using it, because everyone needs help sometimes.

  • Collecting all items will celebrate your success.

  • The experience resets on completion, allowing you to play as many times as you need.

Final Game Features

All the above features of the Alpha Version, and then some more:

  • Open up magical gates into alien homes by selecting sets of magical runes. The same code will lead to the same place, so you can revisit all your favorites!

  • Decorate your own alien house! Express yourself and enjoy your second home!

  • Receive thank you letters from the aliens as you help them out. They also give you keys that can be used to unlock more decorations for your own home! It feels good to be thanked for helping others and see the buildup towards a larger goal of collecting everything!

Additional information on how to buy the game, proper screenshots, and so on will be updated onto here soon, the above design is still in progress.

Doing Dishes

A VR and traditional desktop dish cleaning experience.

Alpha Version Features

  • Relax by cleaning the dishes. Put them in the soap, rinse them off, and place them on the drying rack.

  • Smash dishes by dropping or throwing them. Watch the dishes shatter as you relieve your aggression (or just make mistakes).

  • Press a reset button at any time to clean everything up and get a fresh set of dirty dishes.

  • Enjoy the act of cleaning, or the act of destruction. There is no win or lose to avoid feelings of judgement. Just do whatever you feel like doing with the dishes as you relieve emotional stress and relax.

Final Game Features

  • To be determined. We are still at work designing!

Additional information on how to buy the game, proper screenshots, and so on will be updated onto here soon, the above design is still in progress.

Our Team

Gawain Doell

Game Designer, Developer

Tristan Doell

Financial Manager, Game Designer

Still Seeking Members or Partners For

VR Publishing Partner / VR Marketing Partner

VR Quality Assurance Team Member(s)

Music Producer

Sound Designer

Any of the above sound like you? Contact Gawain at

We will be happy to set up a virtual appointment to discuss project details! We can work remotely too!


Contact with any questions, concerns, or just shoutouts to our team about stuff you want to say. We are a pretty cool bunch!