Summer Learning 2023

Welcome Summer!!!  During these summer months, our students are encouraged to explore new opportunities, spend time with family and friends, and enhance their skills and knowledge.  Summer can also be an effective time to reinforce productive habits developed during the school year, such as independent reading.  Below are links to suggested learning activities to support student growth and learning over the summer.  Please note, however, that there are required English Language Arts (ELA) assignments for students entering grades 5-8.   Please contact your child's respective school with any questions.  

In addition to the grade-level activities and assignments below, elementary students can access and enjoy a collection of summer reading programs and digital resources compiled by Mrs. Westervelt  and Mrs.  Ferreira at the following link:

Data Base Catalog

Please select the grade level your child will be entering in September:

Grade 5 (Required ELA Assignment)

Grade 6 (Required ELA Assignment)

Grade 7 (Required ELA Assignment)

Grade 8 (Required ELA Assignment)