Montrose Bond 2023

It has been a few months since the community approved the 2023 Bond. While it takes some time before any building takes place, there have been a few important items that have been completed. 


Underwriting Services - Huntington Bank was selected to complete the underwriting services for the sale of the bonds. There were two other companies that submitted bids, but Huntington had the most competitive offer. 


Architect/Engineering Services - Montrose Community Schools selected Integrated Design Inc. (IDI) as the Architect for this project. The district has used other architectural firms in the past, but IDI has done an excellent job with the current HVAC project, so continuing the relationship made sense. 


Topographical Survey - The survey of the district is currently underway. Nederveld was chosen to do the survey. They were the low bidder on the project and IDI has worked with them in the past and had a very positive experience. 


Geotechnical Investigation  - G2 Consulting Services won the bid for the required soil boring that must be completed prior to completing some of the construction projects connected to the bond. In addition to being the low bidder, ID has worked with them successfully in the past. This project will be completed in March of 2024.


Bonds are Sold - The bonds were sold for a total of $14,585,000. The sale was more successful than originally expected. Because of the favorable rate, Montrose Community Schools will complete the bond repayment schedule a year earlier than originally planned. This will save the community thousands of dollars!

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The Future of Montrose Schools

The bond proposal addresses needs in four general areas:


Bond 2023 flyer draft6 8.16.23.pdf