English 8 & 9


English Language Arts Teacher

1501 William Avenue

Montevideo, MN 56265

(320) 269-6446 ext 1105


Virtual learning day (snow day) assignments will be posted on google classroom with due dates indicated within the instructions.

Bio: Mrs. Enevoldsen grew up just down the road in Dawson, Minnesota and completed an undergraduate degree at what is now Minnesota State University Mankato. She earned a Master of Education degree from St. Mary's University. After working for nearly a quarter century at MACCRAY schools in Clara City, she accepted a job at Montevideo High School in 2015, cutting her daily commute to three minutes. Her passions are reading, grammar (including sentence diagramming), crossfit training, and hand bells. She and her husband are the parents of three children, owners of two dogs, and advocates for JDFR. Mrs. Enevoldsen is currently in search of a highly effective wrinkle cream and dark circle concealer.