This week in junior high

ALIVE Outdoors Packing List (was in your August mailing)

The temperature fluctuates...a toque is highly recommended.

Long pants recommended...think of the bites you got at Longwoods for those who were in shorts;)

If you have a DVD movie that we could watch on the bus, please bring one...must be age appropriate.

Moderators: (please prepare for morning meeting i.e. quotes that pertain to the theme of the month, music, etc.)

Morning Gathering Form

Week of September 24 - 28: Ashlyn and Carter

Week of October 1 - 4: Isabella and Semme

Week of October 9 - 12: Ella and Sam

Week of October 15 - 19: Ethan and Nicole

Week of October 22 - 26: Davide and Kimora

Week of October 29 - November 2: Clara and Ellie

Week of November 5 - 8: Sonia and Kennedy

Notes that have been sent home:

ALIVE Outdoors Packing List (was in your August mailing)

MMUN Information Letter

Book Orders

September Letter and Calendar

Year at a Glance Calendar

Year 7 Vaccinations

Happy Birthday September Babies!

Nick - 6th

Ryan - 12th

Nigel - 17th

Abby - 21st

Edward - 28th