This Week in Jr. High

Suggestions to wear in support of PEACE Day

Please remember that this is a work in progress...check before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning. Thank you!

  • Get your launch pad ready.
  • There were some of you who were not prepared for classes...what are you doing to help yourself?

Do you have your music journal? You will need to bring it to band on Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 20

8:35 am Doors open

8:50 am Morning Gathering Begins

Regular morning schedule

11:00am- Work period instead of gym

11:00am - Prep & Set-up: Georgia, Sanjitha, Kyara, Nick, Davide, Sonia

Cooking support: Bradyn, Kennedy, Emitt, Abby

Stewardship: Ellie, Amaia, Mika, Ayesha

Personal Time: Damen, Claire A., Akshaye, Blair, Liam, Laurel, Karagan, Sam, Ashlyn

HOT LUNCH - Spaghetti, marinara sauce, garlic toast, mixed greens and fruit

12:45 pm - We will be walking to Gibbons Park - please have water, snacks, something to work on while waiting to run, hat, sunscreen.

We will return to school for regular dismissal.

Thursday, September 21

Happy Birthday Abby!

International Peace Day

7:45 am MMUN

8:35 am Doors open

8:50 am Morning Gathering Begins

Regular morning classes

Workshop groups TBA

HOT LUNCH - BBQ beef burgers (veggie option), potato salad, veggie platter and fruit

Main Floor Group has Art

Work period on the upper floor.

Friday, September 22

Happy Birthday Claire R!

8:35 am Doors open

8:50 am Morning Gathering Begins


Girls volleyball practice at recess

Regular afternoon classes

Journal due in to your advisor floor basket @ 4 pm.

camp arowhon countdown...

Help your parents out by looking for all the items you will be needing for Camp Arowhon.

Packing List

Happy Birthday September Babies!

Rohan - 3rd

Nick - 6th

Abby - 21st

Claire R - 22nd

Ed - 28th