MUSD Mental Health Resources

Visit our Calming Space Page for Strategies to Reduce Stress and Build Resilience

MUSD Social Emotional Wellbeing Support Plan

24/7 Crisis Prevention

Mental Health Care Coordination

Care Solace Mental Health Care Coordination

Help connect with mental health care providers that accept your health insurance carrier.

24-Hour Resource:

Care Solace: Database /Live Teleconference Resource for Vetted Mental Health & Substance Use Care Services for students, families, and staff members.


For Monrovia USD Staff

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed while continuing to work?

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) has created a new Wellbeing Line as a

resource specifically for teachers and school staff continuing to work during the pandemic. If you could benefit from talking with a trained listener, we’re here to support you.

Who Should Call:

Teachers and school staff experiencing unique challenges as they selflessly continue to serve youth in LA County.

Why You Should Call:

If you feel like you could use someone to talk to in order to:

Work through your own stress

Process student wellbeing needs and challenges

Find wellbeing and mental health resources for yourself or others

When and How to Call:

7 days a week from 10am to 6pm at 833-307-0509

For Parents & Families

Emotional support for families challenged by the pressures of Covid-19


Youth Support Groups

For most current information, contact Danielle Hurwitz, D'veal School Programs Manager at or (626) 216-6751

D'veal Family & Youth Virtual Parent Mental Health Support Groups

Contact Daniel Hurwitz for Support Group Zoom Links

(626) 216-6751

MUSD School Counselors

Elementary Schools

Lisa Robinson

(626) 417-2585


Clifton Middle School

Adlina Dugan

Last Names: A-D

(626) 471-2635


Clifton Middle School

Azalena Jones

Last Names: E-Z

(626) 471-2685


Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School

Jennifer Oldenburg

(626) 471-2761


Canyon Oaks/Mountain Park

Jolisa Grimmer

(626) 471-3028


Monrovia High School

Grades 9-10, Last names starting with A-M and 9th/10th Humanities Academy Students

Samara Hirsch

(626) 471-2867


Monrovia High School

Grades 9-10, Last names starting with N-Z and 9th/10th MASA students

Noelani Putirka

(626) 471-2869


Monrovia High School

Grades 11-12, Last names starting with A-M and 11th/12th Humanities Academy Students

Amanda Ghezzi

(626) 471-2891


Monrovia High School

Grades 11-12, Last names starting with N-Z and 11th/12th MASA students

Noel Hernandez

(626) 471-2863