The Purple Star Award is a state-sponsored recognition for individual schools’ dedication and support of military-connected youth. The program started in 2017 in Ohio as a result of conversations with service members, veterans, educators, military family members, students and others about ways schools can better serve military students and their families.

The Purple Star Award designation lets military parents know, whether they are on active duty or in the National Guard or Reserves, that the school is dedicated to helping their child gain the educational and social-emotional skills necessary to be college-, workforce- and life-ready. According to a 2020 evaluation report by the Military Child Education Coalition, 77% of Military parents whose children attended a Purple Star School reported that their children had a satisfactory to very satisfactory socio-emotional experience compared with only 54% at non-Purple Star schools. The program is supported by the US Department of Defense, Military Child Education Coalition, and the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission, and currently, 34 states implement the program in their schools and school districts.

School Liaisons

Kim Graves

Monroe County Middle School

Monroe County High School

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Monroe County High School

Michela Page

Tompkinsville Elementary

Lindsay Boyles

Tompkinsville Elementary

April Hagerty

Joe Harrison Carter Elementary

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Gamaliel Elementary School