CPSBuDi: Multidisciplinary design of Cyber-Physical Systems for smart energy control in Buildings and Districts

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. To reduce this CPSBuDi provides tools that are focused on improving the design of control systems in buildings, specially energy-related control systems as HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems). These tools will allow a multi-disciplinary design of cyber-physical systems for energy-aware smart buildings. For the development of these tools, domain specific modeling and simulation tools of the building domain such as BIM (Building Information Model) and EnergyPlus have been integrated with tools that are specific for designing control and cyber-physical systems, Crescendo and Overture.

This site has the goal of illustrating the use of the developed tools using an example.


CPS design center:

This experiment has been co-funded by the CPSE Labs (www.cpse-labs.eu) project.

The CPSELabs project is co-funded by the European Community's Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement no 644400.