Nina Kamčev

University of Zagreb

nina.kamcev at

Hello! I am a research fellow at the University of Zagreb (supported by the EU's Widening Fellowship), working in extremal and probabilistic combinatorics. I completed my PhD at ETH Zurich in 2018 under the supervision of Benny Sudakov. From 2018 until 2021 I was a Research Fellow at Monash University.

Topics I have recently worked on include asymptotic enumeration, sparse Ramsey theory, arithmetic Ramsey theory, random and pseudorandom graphs. I love hearing about new problems and applying techinques from e.g. algebra and probability, so feel free to contact me on nina.kamcev at

*This website is in construction and probably always will be. Suggestions are very welcome!Photo credit: Liana Yepremyan
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Upcoming talks & activities

Some past engagements...

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Talks (2020 onwards)

  • 25 November: Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics Seminar

  • London School of Economics, 22 October 2021, Sparse Ramsey graphs

  • Cambridge University, 21 October 2021, Uncommon systems are rare

  • University College London, 11 October 2021, Common and Sidorenko systems of equations

  • University of Zagreb (Stochastic methods in analytic and applied problems seminar), 5 October 2021, Banalni sustavi su rijetki

  • CMSA seminar, 29 September 2021

  • Eurocomb 2021, 8 September 2021

  • Emory University, 30 April 2021, Monochromatic lines with few intervals

  • (invited). 2020 Australasian Graduate Symposium in Combinatorics, 18 December 2020, Robust sparse graphs. See video.

  • Women’s Combinatorics Colloquium, 5 November 2020, The size Ramsey number of graphs with bounded treewidth

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 13 October, Asymptotic enumeration of regular hypergraphs

  • (invited). Arithmetic Ramsey theory in Manchester, 10-13 September 2018, Intervals in the Hales-Jewett theorem. See video.

Outreach activities etc.


[see ArXiv for up to date PDFs]


N. Kamčev, A. Liebenau and N. Morrison, On uncommon systems of equations. (See also the extended abstract from Eurocomb 2021.)

N. Kamčev, A. Liebenau and N. Morrison, Towards a characterisation of Sidorenko systems.

S. Antoniuk, N. Kamčev and A. Ruciński, Properly colored Hamilton cycles in Dirac-type hypergraphs, submitted.

N. Kamčev and C. Spiegel, Another note on intervals in the Hales-Jewett theorem, submitted. Talk video.

Accepted or published

N. Kamčev, A. Liebenau and N. Wormald, Asymptotic enumeration of hypergraphs by degree sequence, to appear in Advances in Combiantorics. Talk video.

N. Kamčev, A. Liebenau, D. Wood and L. Yepremyan, The size Ramsey number of graphs with bounded treewidth, to appear in SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics. Tutorial slides and video.

N. Kamčev, M. Krivelevich, N. Morrison and B. Sudakov, The Kőnig graph process, to appear in Random Structures & Algorithms.

D. Conlon and N. Kamčev, Intervals in the Hales-Jewett theorem, to appear in European Journal of Combinatorics.

T. Kalinowski, N. Kamčev and B. Sudakov, Zero forcing number of graphs, SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics 33-1 (2018), 95–115.

N. Kamčev, T. Łuczak and B. Sudakov, Anagram-free colourings of graphs, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing (2017), 1–20.

N. Kamčev, B. Sudakov and J. Volec, Bounded colorings of multipartite graphs and hypergraphs, European Journal of Combinatorics 66 (2017), 235–249.

N. Kamčev, M. Krivelevich and B. Sudakov, Some remarks on rainbow connectivity, Journal of Graph Theory 83(4) (2015), 372–383.

N. Kamčev, Generalised knight’s tours, The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 21 (1) (2014), #P1.31.