Mohawk Trail Regional School District

8th Grade

Important dates for your reference

Mohawk’s Showcase of Student Learning: Thursday, March 7

End of Quarter 3: Tuesday, April 2

End of the school year: Thursday, June 13 (based on 2 snow days so far)

Washington DC June 10th - 13th

Complete and return the following forms with the deposit by October 5th:

Check out the tentative itinerary: Washington DC Itinerary 2019

Payment Due Dates:

October 5: $100 (deposit)

November 1: $150

December 7: $150

March 1: $150

TOTAL: $550

Past Announcements Are Below

Mo’s Fudge Factor Fundraiser

PLEASE NOTE! This is the 2nd of 2 fundraisers for 8th grade field trips.

materials handed out in HR on 11/14

CHECKS: made out to MTRS.

There is an online option:

 Go to Choose ‘Mohawk Trail 8 th Grade’ from the drop down menu. Make your purchases Send an email to stating your name, thetotal amount before taxes and shipping, and the name of the student whoshould receive the profit. Otherwise the profits will go the 8 th grade class ingeneral.

All orders due Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Thank you!

What does HONORS-LEVEL work look like in 8th grade? click here

What does HONORS-LEVEL work look like in 8th grade? click here

Nature's Vision Fundraising September 24 - October 5

Online Ordering Catalog ----> Use our organization code: 37784 SHOP ONLINE!

40% of your individual sales is applied to field trips, class dues & the semi-formal

TShirt order form

8th Grade T-Shirt Order Form

price: $8.00

Orders due: SEPTEMBER 24th

Booster Week: October 22nd- 26th 2018

      • Monday dress up like TBD
      • Tuesday dress up like TBD
      • Wednesday dress up like TBD
      • Thursday wear ORANGE
      • Friday wear BLUE & GOLD


We will now be going to Mount Greylock on this day.

New permission slips will be going home and available here.

Refund options are on the permission slip.

Back To School Night! WAs September 20, 2018.

8th Grade Parents were invited to attend our presentation beginning at 6:50 in ROOM 186.

Couldn't Attend? Click here for our parent handout