Welcome to 8th Grade, Class of 2025!

  • Meet your 8th grade teachers with this introduction video. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Grade 8 Team
Academic Support | Mr. Moffett & Ms. KehoeGuidance | Ms. RuggeriELA | Ms. GriswoldMath | Ms. PuringtonSocial Studies | Ms. DadmunSTEM | Ms. Johnson & Mr. MinnickClass Advisors | Ms. Henry & Mr. Moffett

Contact the team

Principal Mendonsa mmendonsa@mtrsd.orgVice Principal Zamer dzamer@mtrsd.orgMr. Moffett amoffett@mtrsd.orgMs. Kehoe jkehoe@mtrsd.org Ms. Ruggeri truggeri@mtrsd.orgMs. Griswold agriswold@mtrsd.org Ms. Purington jpurington@mtrsd.orgMs. Dadmun tdadmun@mtrsd.orgMs. Johnson djohsnson@mtrsd.orgMr. Minnick tminnick@mtrsd.orgMs. Henry thenry@mtrsd.org

Helpful Links

  • 8th grade supply list (coming summer 2020)

Upcoming events

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Class of 2025

We look forward to a Gr8 2020-2021 school year!