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Zhonghua e-Open House Webinar

Hi everyone! If you missed our e-Open House webinar, below are the links to the 2 sessions.

Session 1 Webinar

Session 2 Webinar

Welcome Message from Principal

The Zhonghua Experience

School Virtual Tour

While we wish we could show you around our school in-person, you can explore our school from the comfort of your home.

Click the various places to explore our school.

(If the 360 video playback is not supported in your browser, please use the YouTube App)

Zhonghua Signature Programme

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Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings

星期二特写: 钟声响起时

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Frequently Asked Questions

To address queries that parents may have, we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and responses here:

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For other inquiries, please email us at zhonghua_ss@moe.edu.sg or call us at 62824339.

You can visit Zhonghua Secondary School's main website at https://www.zhonghuasec.moe.edu.sg/