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Dear prospective parents and students,

Congratulations on completing your PSLE and welcome to Punggol Secondary School’s e-Open House 2022!

At Punggol Secondary School, we pride ourselves in providing students with a values-based education. In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world that we live in, the inculcation of values is even more important as students need to make the right decisions for themselves and for the betterment of society. Given the challenges of the future, our goal is to nurture Punggolites to be confident learners and leaders, guided by the school values of propriety, righteousness, integrity and self-respect, and are motivated to excel.

We also have a value-added and future-ready curriculum, where we design programmes to help students discover their strengths, weaknesses and talents. These programmes range from helping students connect knowledge across subject disciplines and apply it to real-world problems through our Applied Learning Programme in Environment Education to developing communication and leadership skills through our Learning for Life Programme in Community and Youth Leadership. We also have a caring, enabling and empowering school environment where teachers and students have quality relationships with one another and students are given a voice in school programmes.

When we ask our students why they chose Punggol Secondary, they gave us five main reasons. We hope these can help you make an informed choice about your secondary school too!

1. The school cares for our students’ needs and makes sure that each student’s voice is heard.

2. The school gives students multiple experiences to nurture and grow. Students are given opportunities to organise their own activities for the class and CCA, the school and the community.

3. The teachers are very supportive and ensure that students have a comfortable and conducive environment to learn and grow.

4. The school offers a wide range of CCAs for students to choose.

5. The school has good facilities, ranging from air-conditioned classrooms, flexible learning spaces, a café and conducive areas to study.

We sincerely wish you all the best as you embark on your secondary school journey!

Yours sincerely,

Principal and staff

Live Zoom Webinar

25 Nov 2022 (Fri)
1000 - 1130hrs - Registration Link

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