Sec 1 CCA Experience

Welcome Sec 1s (2023)

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Welcome Sec 1s to Seng Kang Secondary School!

Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) is an integral part of the school’s curriculum and is intended to provide our pupils with a more holistic education. Through CCA, students discover their interests and talents while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. CCA also promotes friendships among students from diverse backgrounds as they learn, play and grow together. Participation in CCA fosters social integration and deepens students’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school, community and nation.

The Sec 1 CCA Experience will take place from 3 January to 13 January where you will get to discover what CCA is like in SKSS. You are strongly encourage to participate in the activities organised by the various CCA which should go beyond the CCA that you are interested in so that you can make a more informed choice.

CCA Selection & Allocation Guidelines

CCA allocation is based on the following considerations:

  • Outcome of your CCA trials and try-outs

  • Your CCA Preferences based on Online CCA Selection Form (19-25 Jan 2023, 3pm)

  • Vacancies in the CCA.

The list of shortlisted students for each CCA will be released on 18 January 2023, via email and /or at the Notice Board in your class. You will be informed by your CCA teacher if you have been shortlisted for that particular CCA. Do consult the CCA teacher whenever in doubt.

Avoid selecting a CCA that you have not being shortlisted for that CCA. Your allocation to the CCA depends on vacancies for that CCA. We seek your understanding that there is limited vacancies for each CCA.

How am i selected for my CCA?

The selection criteria is holistic in nature. You will be selected based on your performance and potential in the CCA.

  • Performance: Basic skills relevant to the CCA

  • Potential: Learning attitude (Growth mindset and a positive learning attitude). You will also be observed for potential leadership qualities such as being a team-player.

Step 1: Online - Discover SKSS CCA

You are strongly encouraged to watch the CCA in action to have a better understanding of the various CCA that is available in the school. Click here for more details on each CCA.

Step 2: Online CCA Survey (Complete by 31 December 2022, 3pm)

Let us understand your interests & talents.

Once you know your class, do click here ( to complete the online CCA Survey by 31 December 2022 so that the teachers can better help you to discover your interests and talents.

Step 3: CCA TALENT ID (4-5 Jan 2023) / Try-Outs (6,9,11,13 Jan 2023)

CCA TALENT ID (As part of Sec 1 Orientation)

The CCA Talent ID will be part of the Sec 1 Orientation on 4 and 5 January, where you will be brought to each CCA to experience what the CCA is like. Do refer to the Sec 1 Orientation schedule for more details.

Lunch and tea break will be provided to your child/ ward on these 2 days (4 and 5 Jan 2023).

For most CCA, Round 2 of trials and/or tryouts will be conducted on the 9, 11 or 13 Jan 2023. Details of the CCA Trials/Tryouts for that week (Term 1 Week 2) will be released to the students during a briefing on 3 or 4 January 2023.

Note: Bring along PE attire and water bottle (compulsory), thermometer and extra mask (optional/if required).

Click here (Updated for 2023) for the schedule of 4-5 Jan CCA Trials.

CCA Try Outs / Trials (Round 2) - (During CCA Sessions)

The CCA Try Outs will either be on 9, 11 and/or 13 January 2023. You might be invited for a 2nd trials during this period of time. A letter will be issued to you if you are selected for Round 2 of the trials. You are most welcome to seek for a 2nd round of trials if you are keen to be considered for the CCA.

What happens if you are not shortlisted based on the CCA trials on 4-5 January and you are keen to join the CCA.

You may request to attend a 2nd trial during the CCA try-out period. You should adopt a growth mindset and positive learning attitude and attend try-outs at other CCA.

Click here for the schedule of CCA Try-Out

For those interested in Art club or Media Club, kindly submit relevant document to provide evidences of your skills & interest by 12 January 2023

Step 4: Online CCA Selection (19-25 Jan 2023)

Students are to complete their CCA Selection from 1925th January 2023, at All students are required to indicate 6 CCA choices, according to your preferences, based on your interests and outcome of the trials.

Please check the list if you have been shortlisted for the CCA before you indicate your CCA choice.

CCA allocation is based on the following

  1. Outcome of your CCA trials/tryouts and

  2. CCA Preferences based on online CCA selection.

  3. Vacancies in the CCA.

Do note that if you choose to select a CCA despite not being shortlisted for that CCA, your allocation to the CCA depends on vacancies for that CCA.

We seek your understanding that there is limited vacancies for each CCA. We will try our best to allocate the CCA based on your child’s preference.

(To be updated by 18 Jan 2023, 2pm) Click here to see the outcome of your CCA trials and try-outs or if you have been shortlisted listed by the CCA.

Step 5: CCA Allocation Results (3 Feb 2023)

Results of your CCA will be out by 3 Feb 2023. We will notify you via the school’s designated email address and parents via Parents Gateway.

Hardcopies of the appeal form will be made available at the General Office from 3 Feb 2023. Outcome of appeals depends on the student's movement within the CCA.

Note: You are still required to attend your allocated CCA while waiting for the outcome of your appeal.

Final Step: CCA Starts (10 Feb 2023)

You are required to report to your assigned CCA by 10 Feb 2023. If you are waiting for the outcome of your CCA appeal, kindly attend the CCA that you have been original assigned to.

Do note that your attendance will be closely monitored and parents will be notified if you are absent from CCA. Discipline actions will be taken if you do not have valid reasons.

Be responsible in informing your CCA teachers of your absence from CCA. Submit relevant documents to your CCA teacher as soon as you are back in school.


Click here to ask anything about CCA. Parents may also post their questions.

Please feel free to contact Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Aris (Head of Department, PE/CCA), or Ms Serene Loh, Year Head (Lower Secondary) at 63887258 if you have any queries.