Upper Block Programmes

Level Themes

Primary 5 focuses on social awareness and relationship management

Primary 6 focuses on relationship management and responsible decision-making

YH Letters to Parents

Semester 1

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P5 Term 1_06 Jan 2022

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P5 End of Term 1_ 11 Mar 2022

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P6 Term 1_7 Jan 2022

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Uniquely OURS

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Lessons focused on positive education are conducted on Wednesdays to provide a platform for students to pick up social skills. Students engaged in activities and discussions with their classmates and teachers to prepare them with skills such as growth mindset and having empathy and compassion for others.


The students spend time bonding with their classmates and teachers through fun activities. They are also given the chance to work on building relationships through communicating and connecting with others. It is important that students have the opportunity to build friendships with their peers and have the chance to nurture positive teacher-student relationships during their time at school.

Cleanest Class Award

Congratulations to the following classes!

For the rest of the classes, continue to keep up the good effort in keeping your classroom clean and tidy!

Let's Celebrate!

Do you think out of the box? Are you a super improver? Do you participate actively in class activities?

You might be the next deserving SUPER student! Here are some of them! Keep up the good effort!

Let's Celebrate!

  1. For being an awesome inspiration to your friends

  2. For being cool and confident

  3. For having a growth mindset

  4. For being super at thinking out of the box

Fuchun Values Award

  1. Passion For Learning

  2. Integrity

  3. Empathy

  4. Respect

  5. Resilience

Project L.O.L (Lead Our Life)

Project L.O.L (Lead Our Life) aims to enhance motivation and confidence in the students through K-Pop dance. Through the 8 sessions of L.O.L, selected P5 and P6 students were given opportunities to express themselves effectively and exhibit curiosity and positive attitudes in a fun learning environment. Students also get to enjoy group experience and cultivate teamwork as they encourage one another to try new movements and execute various dance techniques. At the end of Project L.O.L, the students got the experience to put up their performance on stage to showcase their dance choreography.

Grow to Glow (G2G)

An 8-hour programme for our P6 students to equip themselves with the resiliency skills they need to overcome any challenges they face in school or life. As they hustle through the hectic year, preparing for the upcoming PSLE and planning their journey forward in secondary school, having a growth mindset becomes essential.

The Grow to Glow (G2G) Day Camp was divided into two parts. In the morning, the students went through a 4-hour Growth Mindset Workshop where they explored their personal values and gained greater clarity into their future personal pursuits. The students had fun engaging in group activities such as building the strongest tower and learnt self-management and social awareness. They also discovered the importance of how their current academic behaviour and attitudes will affect their later achievements in life.

In the afternoon, the students applied what they learnt into the Amazing Race activity as they zealously pursued different checkpoints around the school compound to solve puzzles and perform various tasks. The teachers could see the students tapping on the strengths of their team members and working together to fulfill their team goals. When faced with challenges, the students persevered and encouraged one another.

On top of the fun the students had during the camp, we hope that they will adopt and apply the growth mindset throughout their life’s journey.