Science Dept

Our Vision

Every Fuchunian, a Curious Inquirer

Our Mission

To nurture our students into confident learners who enjoy and value science as an important tool to explore the increasingly technologically-driven world.

Our Approach

We believe that Science education for our students involves more than just the basic concepts of science. We aim to provide an all-round school experience which can equip our students with the skills to be able to use scientific knowledge for problem solving and tap on evidence to draw meaningful conclusions to understand their world better. Hence, our curriculum supports pupils in the development of reasoning and analytical skills, decision and problem solving skills, flexibility to respond to different contexts and possessing an open and inquiring mind that is willing to explore new territories and learn new things.

Students are engaged in a variety of activities to give them

the exposure to carry out investigative experiments.

Our Programmes

(i) Support & Strengthen

Central to the Primary Science curriculum framework is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry and our pupils are given differentiated support in their inquiry based lessons to enable them to grasp scientific concepts. Our Science teachers provide varying levels of scaffold depending on the learning needs of their pupils.

We aim to provide a learning environment that will encourage and challenge our pupils to develop their sense of inquiry and at the same time, develop skills and processes which are critical as an inquirer. There are different platforms for pupils to make connections across different subjects and disciplines. In Home Skills lessons, pupils will have opportunities to put into good use their knowledge of concepts related to heat, matter and materials into life skills such cooking and sewing. P3 and 4 pupils also visit the Zoo and Botanic Gardens which constitutes part of extending the curriculum beyond their classroom experience.

In the near future, we look forward to providing greater exposure for our pupils to learn more about urban farming and upcycling as our school completes the construction of our Outdoor Experiential Learning Corner. Pupils will have the opportunity to apply their skills learnt in school to apply in their journey as a City Farmer and adopt environmental friendly farming practices as they embark on their planting process. Pupils who show keenness in enriching their experience will be able to embark on more Pupil-initiated environment projects for the whole school through their participation as Green Club members.

(ii) Stretch

To further stretch our students who show keen interest and demonstrate the aptitude for deeper learning in Science, the school provides opportunities for the Upper Primary pupils to participate in external science-related competitions such as the Science Olympiads. The School supports them by providing training sessions to prepare them.

Sustainability@Fuchun (S@F)

Singapore Green Plan 2030 is a whole-of-nation movement to advance Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development.

Fuchun Primary School’s own S@F programme aims to support our nation’s sustainability efforts. By providing students with authentic hands-on experiences in planting their own vegetables, we want to encourage everyone to support local produce which helps to reduce carbon footprint. We have embarked on growing our own edible greens using hydroponics technology such as the indoor hydroponics vertical garden and a high-tech indoor farming machine. Our students get the opportunity to observe the growth of plants. Sometimes, they encounter situations where the plants did not grow well but they are then thought to analyse what could have possibly happened and apply what they have learnt in their science lessons. There are also many teachable moments about living things, life cycles, transport system, photosynthesis and plant reproduction. The towers are placed in our school library and they provide a serene environment for everyone to enjoy while enjoying a good read at the library.

These edible greens are used as ingredients in our school’s signature Homeskills lessons where students prepare dishes with the vegetables harvested.

This programme is also extended to our staff who get to enjoy healthy greens with their meals and share recipes with each other, all using the ingredients from our very own tower gardens.

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