MOther Tongue Dept

Our Vision

Every Fuchunian, a Confident and Effective Mother Tongue Language communicator

Our Mission

To cultivate students into independent lifelong learners who are able to reflect and communicate effectively in their Mother Tongue Language and appreciate the three ethnic cultures and values.

Our Approach

The proficiency of the Mother Tongue Language is progressively built up with strong emphasis in speaking and listening at the lower primary, and subsequently reading and writing in the upper primary.

For all levels, the department adopts a systematic approach in developing the student’s proficiency in speaking to lay a strong foundation in the subject through various strategies such as show and tell, dramatization and oral presentation in class. The department focuses on using authentic and real-life scenarios to better engage students and develop their communication skills. Strategies such as the 5 finger rule, SAMBOB, PEEEL and 5W1H are introduced to the students to help build up their answering technique in oral, composition as well as reading comprehension.

To instil the joy of learning in the teaching and learning of Mother Tongue language, different pedagogies such as inquiry-based learning, collaborative learning and experiential learning are adopted. There is also a greater emphasis on the use of information & communication technology (ICT) e.g. videos, animations and digital interactive games, to better engage our students. All students undergoing the Mother Tongue curriculum in our school will also be exposed to culture & values in the daily curriculum as well as through the participation of various programmes such as Mother Tongue Fortnight, Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme and Tamil Fest.

MT Fortnight Trail 2021

To spark our students’ interest in learning the Mother Tongue (MT) Languages, the MT Department organised the MT Fortnight Trail, which was held from 29 March to 9 April 2021.

Our students had opportunities to participate in a series of learning activities, ranging from cultural music and dances of the three races to making of bookmarks to depict the traditional art forms.

We are heartened to observe that Fuchunians have cultivated a better appreciation of the Mother Tongue languages while having fun with learning!

You may visit our MT Fortnight Trail Google Site here to see some of our students’ work.

P3 Cultural Performance Exposure

P3 CL students watching Chinese Drama:
“Cheng Yu Gu Shi Bian! Bian! Bian!” at Matrix Auditorium.

P1 & 2 Singing competition

Students showcasing their talents on stage, learning Chinese Language through the songs