Middle Block Programmes

Level Themes

In their first year of middle primary, the Primary 3 students will focus on self-awareness and self-management.

In Primary 4, the second year of being in the middle block, the students will enhance their self-awareness and self-management, and work on relationship management and social awareness, in preparation for the Upper Primary.

The purpose of having a level theme is to foster a sense of belonging for the students in the level.

The theme for Primary 3 is “Discover Me”. This theme encompasses self-awareness and self-management; important social-emotional competencies for students to develop healthy identities of themselves, and learn to recognise and manage their own emotions.

The theme for Primary 4 is “Knowing Me, Knowing You”. In addition to self-awareness and self-management, the level also focuses on social awareness and relationship management; important social-emotional competencies for students to develop a sense of responsibility, care and concern for others, relate to others and develop positive relationships.

Through the various programmes and activities we are conducting for the students, we hope to nurture them to be confident and resilient children who care for others and enjoy learning.

YH Letters to Parents

Semester 1

End of Term 1_Letter to Parents_P3_2022.pdf

P3 End of Term 1

2022 Term 1 Year Head Letter to Parents_Pri3.pdf

P3 Term 1

End of Term 1_Letter to Parents_P4_2022.pdf

P4 End of Term

2022 Term 1 Year Head Letter to Parents_Pri4.pdf

P4 Term 1

Uniquely OURS

Level Board

Our P3 and P4 level board is made up of sunflowers. If you take a closer look at the petals of each sunflower, you will find some writing on them. In line with the theme of 2022 ,"Year of Overcoming", our P3 and P4 students penned down one thing which they wish to overcome this year on a petal. These wishes were then pieced together to form sunflowers.

As we put their wishes together, it serves to remind all of us of the solidarity of working towards a common goal of becoming better and overcoming our challenge. The sunflowers also remind them that they are not alone in this journey.

Just like the sunflowers which symbolise positivity and strength, we believe our students will have the courage and resilience to overcome their challenges.

Level RAH RAH @ Recess

This activity aims to encourage level bonding, reinforce level themes and provide a platform for student presentation. It takes place during the last 5 minutes of the P3 and P4 recess on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Form Teachers will select and prepare students to share about a given topic during the Level RAH RAH. Here are some of the topics shared:

  • My favourite STELLAR story read.

  • My good/best friend(s).

  • My favourite animal/my pet.

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Video 2
Video 3

Project First Love Yourself (F.L.Y.)

Project F.L.Y. aims to inculcate resilience and social emotional competencies of self-awareness and self-management in our students. Through the activities, we hope that our students develop resilience and social and emotional competencies,

learn practical skills for self-management and social awareness. In addition, the platform allows the formation of a community for students to voice their feelings and express themselves, know more about themselves and demonstrate traits of having a growth mindset so as to develop greater self-confidence.

Cleanest Class Award

Congratulations to the following classes!

For the rest of the classes, continue to keep up the good effort in keeping your classroom clean and tidy!

Primary 3 Pearl

Primary 4 Jade

Let's Celebrate!

Do you think out of the box? Are you a super improver? Do you participate actively in class activities?

You might be the next deserving SUPER student! Here are some of them! Keep up the good effort!

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