Lower Block Programmes

Level Themes

The purpose of having a level theme is to foster a sense of belonging for the students in the level.

The theme for Primary one students is for them develop stronger self awareness. Transiting from Pre school to Primary education is a big milestone for the Primary one. Having a positive mindset "I Can Do It!" will enable them to step forward.

The theme for Primary two is for the students to develop self awareness and self management. We want our P2s to believe that they can be independent and do things by themselves.

Uniquely OURS

Homeskills Programme:

The Homeskill programmme is a unique programme that teaches the students life skills. For the Primary One, they will learn how to prepare a simple sandwich. During the lesson, the students learn not only English Language but Mathematics concepts as well; cutting the slices of bread into halves, quarters, squares and triangles). The students especially enjoy bringing the sandwich home to share their product and experience with their family members.

Uniquely OURS

#FriendlyWednesday & #BondingFriday

Every Wednesday, the students are taught social skills to build stronger friendships with their classmates. Positive relationships are forged through Positive Education.

Fridays are always welcomed as that is when teachers and students play games together to forge closer ties. Laughter can be heard when students and teachers engage in the fun. Teachers also conduct one-to-one interaction sessions on some Fridays, to get to know their students better.

Cleanest Class Award & during iClean, we learn how to pack our bags too!

Let's Celebrate! & I Say Thank You

Every term, we celebrate efforts and mile stones. We want to affirm our students for their efforts and improvements they had made along the way. In Fuchun, we believe in nurturing our students to have a grateful heart. The "I Say Thank You" activity encourages our students to pen down their notes of gratitude to their friends, teachers and/or other members in the school.