Home-Based Learning 2022

Welcome to Dazhong Primary School !

Welcome to the Home-Based Learning (HBL) experience@Dazhong once again!

For those who are new to us, we want to share that our experience of HBL in 2020 and 2021 was a most engaging and meaningful one. Of course, there were challenges, but we celebrated the resilience of our students, parents and teachers in scaling the challenges of HBL! We are better prepared this year; ready to Excite, Engage and Empower our students to continue to experience the joy of learning and grow as Self-Directed Learners.

So let us all take this opportunity to strengthen self-directed learning, keep persevering and stay motivated to learn! Dare to Inspire Dazhong! Dare to uphold our school values of:

Integrity - following the schedule given by your teachers well; Responsibility - learning and practising well; Excellence - trying your best and seeking to improve daily; Acceptance - helping your friends if needed, or seeking help if you face difficulties; Perseverance - never giving up, trying new and different methods

Who are we?

We are Dazhong!

Last but not least, be S.MA.R.T (Safe distancing, MAsk on , Remember to wipe down and stay home, Take temperature daily), STAY HOME and STAY SAFE!


Self-Directed Learners, Serving Leaders, Concerned Citizens


To nurture and inspire pupils who Strive, Lead and Serve, anchored on values

Core Values

IREAP (Integrity; Responsibility; Excellence; Acceptance; Perseverance)