Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are a key component of the holistic development of our students. Through CCAs, our students discover their interests and talents. CCAs also help our students to learn values and develop their character, social emotional competencies and skills to prepare them for future challenges.

CCAs bring students from diverse backgrounds together. By learning and interacting with one another, students develop friendships and deepen their sense of belonging to the school and community. In ACS (Barker Road), diversity is increased through external CCA partnerships with other schools.

CCA is compulsory for all secondary school students. Students can choose from any of these 4 categories:

For queries on CCA, you may contact the following personnel:

Mr Thio Yu Chong (Head of Department PE/CCA) -

Mr Mohd Faisal (Subject Head PE/CCA)

Ms Desiree Chua (Subject Head Aesthetics) -