Policies & Procedures

The information provided on this site will give you information on the current Work Plan and the Policies and Procedures.
The Work Plan is the steps our agency has in place to meet the requirements of the updated Head Start Performance Standards that were released November 2017.

Education and Child Development

Curriculum Policy
Positive Behavior Support/Discipline Policy
School Readiness Goals 2018/2019
Creative Curriculum: Teaching Strategies GOLD Ongoing Assessment
Education Home Visit and Parent Teacher Conference Policy
Parent and Family Engagement Policy
Home Based Screening and Assessment Policy
Bi-Weekly Home Activity Log
Ready Set Read Information Sheet
Ready Set Read Permission
Holidays in the Classroom
Promoting Learning through Approaches to Rest, Meals, Routines, and Physical Activity

Trauma Smart

Child Process Note- Form Ask The QuestionsTrauma Informed Continuumreflection questions
Lanyard Cards:Attunement StepsBrain as a car lanyard cardsAsk the question cards

Center for the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) PBS

PBS tools policy Schedule CardsFeelings Cards Rules Cards Tucker Turtle CardsSmall Tucker Turtle Cards Solution CardsWhat Is My Problem Cards Tool Box Tips Cards Link to PBS tools
National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI)Transition Visual CardsStay Calm Poster Trauma Informed Care Pyramid ModelBehavior Expectations Self RegulationExecutive FunctionPTRYC Process formTucker Turtle Finger Play SongsPyramid practice check listEmbedding friendship opportunitiesObservation form

Social Stories

BitingBiting HurtsCircle TimeSuper FriendNap timeGo with the flow/ anxiety I can use my wordsSafe HandsSocial anxietyPersonal SpaceWhen I get upsetI can stay safeWhen I have big feelings Use my words

HS Classroom Monitoring

Classroom Monitoring and Aggregated Data 2017/2018
Head Start Monitoring Plan
Fall Aggregated Data Report 2019/202
Fall Aggregated Data Report 2018/2019
Winter Aggregated Data Report 218/2019
Classroom Monitoring and Aggregated Data 2018/ 2019- Final

Monitoring Forms

PBS Inventory of Practice Form
2019 Head Start Literacy Check List
2020 Head Start Literacy Check List
ECERS Score Sheet
Social Emotional
Performance Plan

Health Services and forms

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Program Management

Missouri Ozarks Community Action, Inc., Head Start

Funding for Head Start is provided by a grant from The Department of Health and Human Services and by people like you.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.